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The AFTCO “Tailer” helps you bring a boated fish under control quickly and safely, is the
ideal way to control fish while you measure them for legal size, and can be a big help in
lifting fish as heavy as 100 pounds into the boat. When used on a fish that is to be
released, the Tailer is more effective than a lip gaff, and it minimizes injury to the fish.
Featuring a wide loop of springy stainless steel aircraft cable, the Tailer slips easily
over the tail of your fish, and ith a quick upward pull, closes instantly and snugly.

With its tail out of the water, the fish’s movements are strictly limited, so it becomes much easier to tag and release the fish, or to lift it into the boat. A swivel built into the cable allows you to better handle fish that roll and twist, which sharks frequently do.

The AFTCO Tailer is four feet long with an aluminum shaft anodized a rich gold for lasting
beauty and resistance to corrosion. Two soft but rugged black grips are molded from the
same non-slip material found on fine rods. The 1/4-inch aircraft cable is also highly
resistant to corrosion, and the smaller cable, which actually closes around the tail, is plastic
coated to protect the fish.

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