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AnglersResource   HB--Double-Foot, Heavy Duty Saltwater Spinning or Casting Guides

Fuji - Anglers Resource

AnglersResource HB--Double-Foot, Heavy Duty Saltwater Spinning or Casting Guides

$ 5.35

  • The Hb Series is a New Heavy Duty boat Rod Guide for 30 to 50 lb class rods. This particular series has a new arc-Shaped, Stainless-Steel frame which increases the overall guide’s strength, hardness and corrosion resistance. A sloped, shorter length frame adds to rod flexibility and less
    line tangling. Fuji’s new embossed feature helps keep the foot from sliding out from under the thread. by increasing structural and material strengths, the Hb Series gives the angler a guide that is much lighter than the LR series. Once again, these features add to the overall performance of the rod. The Hb Series is available in sizes up to 25 and comes in Silicone Carbide and Silicone Nitride II rings for use in all fishing applica-tions and conditions.

  • HB frames offer a high frame-leg to ring attachment to shed tangles while maintaining the strength to handle any offshore job. HB is a solid choice for stand-up rods and boat rods and offers exceptional performance and a deep pressed ring design for years of carefree service. Available in SiC or Fuji's exclusive Silicon Nitride (SiN) ring material. 

  • It doesn't get any better than an HB for offshore spinning or casting. Available in both SiN and SiC Gun-smoke, HB is a premium selection for offshore rods of many types including medium duty trolling.



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